Did you know? Grid is a network, i.e. a system, a two-dimensional structure composed of a set of intersecting lines (horizontal, vertical and angular lines).

H-UV technology


New face of print

For you, our client, H-UV technology is a new outlook into the world of print.  According to all parameters, it is way ahead of the conventional technology. The most important and crucial […]

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Brochures and catalogues

WHY BROCHURE AND/OR CATALOGUE? Brochures are a common type of cost effective advertising for companies, charities and other events. They are considered one of the most popular and versatile marketing tools at […]

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(Up) Coming Visual Trends In 2017

In recent years, design has progressively gone from minimal to completely flat and for some this style doesn’t represent an accurate message. Users are drawn to design that seems >real<, with real […]

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