Did you know? Grid is a network, i.e. a system, a two-dimensional structure composed of a set of intersecting lines (horizontal, vertical and angular lines).

H-UV technology


New face of print

For you, our client, H-UV technology is a new outlook into the world of print.  According to all parameters, it is way ahead of the conventional technology. The most important and crucial […]

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Brochures and catalogues

WHY BROCHURE AND/OR CATALOGUE? Brochures are a common type of cost effective advertising for companies, charities and other events. They are considered one of the most popular and versatile marketing tools at […]

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What is a vector, what is a raster?

Illustrations based on vector graphics make a group of dots each of which has its mathematical value, X and Y. Those dots connect the curves which define the shapes of various elements. […]

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