(Up) Coming Visual Trends In 2017

In recent years, design has progressively gone from minimal to completely flat and for some this style doesn’t represent an accurate message.

Users are drawn to design that seems >real<, with real representing either VR or AR apps that almost feel lifelike, or packaging that showcases a product instead of a brand.

This search for authenticity, whether real or perceived, is the driving force behind most of this year’s emerging design trends.


It is said that nostalgia, in any of its forms, is always in. Millennials are joinning the workforce and with them comes a throwback to the early years of the internet and zine* color stories from their youth. Design has recently become so minimal that being intentionally colorful and just slightly imperfect may result in a bold statement.

90s retro 2


More and more companies are making an effort to respond to their customers’ concerns about sustainable practices. That means sourcing information is becoming easily available, labels are getting simpler, with the ingredients being the star of the show. At the same time, branding is on the back burner. Straightforwardness is becoming a differentiator and it can be incorporated into every aspect of a business, right down to design. It got to the point where it is easier to stand out by not having distinctive branding.

debranding 3


Colour is no longer only a component of an image. Colour has become the star of it. Our growing visual sophistication allows us to use colours in ways that break the rules and embrace unnatural combinations. The Colour Surge trend highlights the ability for image–makers to liberate themselves from traditional colour use, or the accepted theories of “what something should look like”, and allow colour to drive the design and dominate the composition.



Pantone Greenery has been named as the colour of the year for 2017, thanks to its representation of new befinnings, freshness and environmentalism. Manifesting as a >fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring<, Greenery evokes the impulse to breathe, reinvigorates and embodies aprreciation for the great outdoors.

Alongside greenery,  we expect to see a rise in the usage of deep hues, such as khaki and olive green, working alongside brick reds, maroon brown and charcoal grey to recreate a sense of rich and earthy minerals and materials.