Printera Grupa d.o.o. was established as a result of the consolidation of three highly regarded printing houses with long traditions: Kratis d.o.o., Gipa d.o.o. and Bauer-grupa d.o.o. From its very beginning in 1990, Kratis recorded continuous growth in turnover and profit. It began in a family home with a modest 75 square meters and only three employees. Driven by the desire and will to work and succeed, the company transferred production to company-owned premises with 2,400 square meters in 2002. By 2008, it was employing approximately one hundred workers.

Gipa d.o.o. was established in 1989 in Zagreb. The venture started in the leased premises on Vlaška Street using a leased Adasta one-color printing machine and only two employees. Through continuous growth and development it had 55 employees when it joined the Printera Group.

Situated in Samobor, the youngest member, Bauer-Grupa d.o.o., began operations in 1999, also in a family home and with two employees using a Heidelberg single-color printing machine. After years of hard work and investment, it joined Printera Group with 50 employees and an enviable technological skill.

The development and expansion of the overall business operations of each of the above companies led them to the decision to join forces and since 1 January 2009 they have appeared jointly on the market under the name Printera Grupa d.o.o. With such a supreme combination of experience and know-how, we can state that our performance is, indeed, three times stronger based on three principal indicators of economic competitiveness, i.e., quality, price and speed.

Perhaps the story of our growth can be best summarized in a statement by one of our directors to Poslovni Dnevnik, a local business magazine:

“We were competitors because we fought for the same market. We spent time together in our trade and during our meetings we came to the idea of consolidation because we wanted to create a large company that “means business”, a company that would take the leading position in Croatia and which would take the printing industry to a higher level. We put our vanities aside and started serious negotiations that lasted over a year. I believe that we made the right move because our synergy means that we are the number one printing house in Croatia in its respective segment“