Printera and Education

Community investment has been a vital component of Printera’s business policy since its founding. As there is always room for improvement and advancement, we have decided to widen and enhance our philanthropic activities. Thus, we are pleased to announce that Printera has joined “Creating a Philanthropic Culture in Croatia,” a project co-financed by the EU’s IPA 2012 program and the Republic of Croatia’s Office for Non-Profit Associations. Together with the Project Coordinator, the Zamah Regional Foundation for Local Development, we are working hard to cultivate new ideas and solutions. Moreover, we are proud to introduce our unique model of strategic philanthropy:


At Printera, we believe that young, high-quality individuals are not only the future of our company, but more importantly, the foundation of a prosperous society. As such, we have recently begun collaborating with Zagreb’s High School for Graphic Design—and simultaneously, taking our first lunge into the community. Thanks to excellent communication with the school’s team, we have been able to define accurately the needs of the school, and will begin providing educational workshops designed to improve students’ knowledge and competencies, inspire creativity, and lay the groundwork for future collaboration between the school and Printera.

With these initiatives, Printera continues to practice and solidify its commitment to social responsibility and community engagement