Printevolution, a magazine for promoting the culture of printing, is an issue of Printera intended for our clients. Each month we hang around on 1500 addresses and we inform, inspire, educate, encourage, involve, relax, and connect. The topics we cover are directly and indirectly connected with our clients and the products we deliver and associated with the trends and innovations in the industry of printing, paper, graphics and design. We bring interesting news which is also connected with paper, products and colors. We are certain that we as well as our readers can learn something new from each other, i.e. find a point in the interviews and personal stories of our clients in each edition.



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With each new issue of Printevolution you collect your own paper catalogue. How? Each number is printed on different type. On a different gram weight, hue and with different color absorption potential. Each paper has a different purpose; some are excellent choices for brochures, while others are recommended for printing of, for instance, photo-monographs. Characteristics of Munken, Arctic, Maxioffset… are listed on the pages of Printevolution. And the quality of print speaks for itself.

Pantone colors are more and more recognizable and common. They found their place in the fashion world, interior design, packaging, gastronomy, advertising, marketing materials. And they are also in our magazine. New issue – new Pantone color number.