Corporate materials


You have prepared extraordinary press materials or promotional packages. Information you have is excellent and all your meeting materials have been professionally done. Before you step before the Management Board, ask yourself “will I put these presentation materials in a plain map which does not match their significance?” Presentation maps are extremely useful for your business. They can be used for sale packages, business proposals, presentations, promotional materials, free samples, press materials and many other things. They are excellent for improving the overall image of your company and creating a certain trust with your potential clients, shareholders, employees or any other person you wish to impress.

Envelopes are another important means of communication with potential clients and consumers. An average company sends mail on daily basis. Why use a plain envelope if a specially designed one can immediately capture attention of the recipient? Personalized envelopes draw attention to the received mail even before it is opened. Basing the assumption on a fact and a potential prejudice that it is a worthless package, a quality envelope will make sure that your mail stands out from the crowd and adds it extra value. Bags convey the same messages! You always have things to carry, either a map, a book, paperwork or something you purchased along the way. Wherever you or your client go, you will always carry a bag which sends a loud and clear message, your visual identity. It is definitely the best type of free advertising!


If branding is your goal, you should certainly print your logo on all your materials: envelopes, brochures, business cards and bags. A piece of advice – a dynamic and colorful logotype stands out from the crowd. Also, a unique design of the bag with an original message (the so-called bagvertising) will draw attention on the streets of your cities. The more unusual design and shape of your business cards – the better!


We offer the service of printing on all of your corporate materials appropriate for your brand, which contain a logotype, emblems or relevant text.

We also offer all sorts of design possibilities: different sizes, type of paper, number of compartments, insertion of special sleeves for business cards, envelopes, CDs and other materials (in maps), foil stamping, polish, envelopes with or without windows… Bear in mind that even after you have finished your presentation or meeting, your branded materials stay with the clients and can indirectly remind them of you and why your company is just perfect for their business needs.

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