Digital print

Digital print is an extremely popular and modern method of printing; it uses a laser to transfer the given motif on the paper. By way of digital databases such as PDF or graphic software like Illustrator and InDesign, the photograph and materials in general are sent directly to the printer. This simple procedure eliminates the need for the manufacture of printing plates used in offset print, which can save a lot of time and money.

Digital print has increased the manufacture speed of the printing materials and consequently the speed of meeting the clients’ requirements. The advantage of this type of print is the possibility to print just one material. Even though the offset print still usually results in a somewhat more quality print, the digital methods are used when we need to react quickly with the best price and quality ratio.


  • faster and more cost effective technology in terms of small circulation
  • personalization possibilities where each new print can have different/variable data extracted from the database
  • digital print is your best choice for smaller circulations, expedient delivery or printing of variable data