Even if you have created an extremely useful product, convincing a buyer to buy that particular product boils down to the product, i.e. packaging appearance on the shelf. Packaging, i.e. box is often the most important item in attracting a potential buyer. It is a part of your marketing mix. The packaging can either spur or destroy demand – yes, it is that important. The majority of buyers will spend less than 10 seconds viewing your product, therefore you need to grab their attention in that brief period in order to draw them closer to thoroughly examine the product before they buy it. If the packaging fails to convey a strong message, the buyer will walk away.

A well-designed packaging clearly communicates all product qualities, while at the same time creating the possibility for the product to be well-positioned on the shelf in order to be within the customers’ sight. What should you focus on?


Aesthetics – as we have previously mentioned, people base their choices upon the products, i.e. packaging which they find the most appealing. A perfect packaging should be professionally designed in order to be visually appealing.

Clarity – it is important that your packaging does not confuse your buyers. It has to clearly communicate the essence of your product, its purpose and brand. If you do the opposite, it is highly likely that the consumer will only simply walk past it.

Honesty – make sure your packaging is not deceiving to the buyers; it has to entirely represent its contents. Wrong message, information or image can cause you a lot of trouble; even permanently damage your reputation.

Originality – make your product stand out from the mass by giving it original design, so that it distinguishes from the competition. If you want your buyers to change their buying habits regarding your product, you need to offer something visually appealing and different.

Impact – the buyers always have a wide selection of products at their disposal while shopping, therefore it is vital that your packaging creates an effect, i.e. makes an impact. It has to be strong, powerful and conspicuous. In terms of design, it has to be simple, clean, sharp and direct.


Our packaging printing skills and our long-time experience in the production of beautiful, functional and innovative prints on boxes point to the fact that we relish in each challenge placed before us by our clients. Our agency can come up with the most original and outstanding design. Contact us on our website and request an offer with all the details and your preferences.