In the year when we are celebrating 20 years of continuous issuing of the magazine Ambalaža/REGprint, we are pleased to say that Printera is also a part of that continuity; we started our collaboration in the period of Kratis. It was then that we were already assured of the optimum quality of service which has been consistent through all these years. However, the advanced technological possibilities offered by Printera would mean little without its experts and management always prepared for cooperation, to the extent that we are pleased to call them our business friends today. And when expertise meets friendship in business cooperation, it is a winning combination of a quality partnership which needs to be cherished and nurtured at the mutual satisfaction.
Drena Milijević, Director of the company Tectus d.o.o., Zagreb
Working with Printera is an ultimate pleasure. In addition to their professional conduct and the fact that they always perform their job immaculately, a very important aspect of our cooperation is the personal contact and cordiality of absolutely every person from Printera with whom I communicated. Besides cordiality and a friendly relationship we developed through the years, there is a matter of helpful attitude. They are always willing to go the extra mile in order to please their client, and to make the final product in line with their, i.e. my vision. If you did not exist, people should invent you! :)
Katija Živković, Agency Joy in Design

In our domain of business operation, production and printing of various materials became our everyday life. After many experiences elsewhere, we chose Printera as a partner whose long-lasting work experience and employees’ competences enable quality cooperation results.

Atlantic Group
qLife, the first Croatian professional magazine for leadership and management has been printed in Printera seven years in a row. In those seven years we have never ever had a single problem: you send them your preparation and do not have to think further about the quality of printing, packaging, delivery deadlines or anything else. When they promise something, they make it happen. All in all, if I had to describe Printera in a few words, then I would certainly use these two: exceptional quality and reliability. If I had to name their one flaw, then I would say that they excessively spoil the client. They make you feel relaxed to the extent that you begin to think that everyone else is the same.
Marko Lučić, qLife Magazine

InterCars and Printera have been cooperating for three years at the mutual satisfaction. With respect to the enormous competition in the field, Printera stood out with the added value to their basic services. In addition to nurturing an innovative and inspiring approach with respect to any new situation, we are extremely pleased with the expedience of realization, fulfilment of deadlines and high quality standards.

Ivana Kravaršćan, Head of Marketing, InterCars
In order for such a large and quality project like a photo-monograph “Croatia from above” to be exceptional in all segments, it was very important to select an appropriate printing company. We went to the best printing companies in Croatia and opted for Printera, because they convinced us with specific examples, excellence, professional approach and enthusiasm, but also with a competitive price. We are extremely pleased with the results and the cooperation, which will hopefully extend onto our future projects. All those in publishing business, design, photography and similar businesses know that the printing result never completely turns out the way the designers and editors planned it. It is with pleasure that I admit that upon receiving the photo-monograph from the print, for the first time in my professional career I have received exactly what I had envisaged and what we carefully planned in detail. If there had not been expertise, professionalism and dedication of Printera’s employees, this would not have been accomplished.
Davor Rostuhar, author of the photo-monograph “Croatia from above”

I have been working with Printera for several years. They offer quality printing, good cooperation and competitive price. We believe that together we will place many of our weekly issues to our customers!

Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o.
For several years the Cultural Center of the City of Krk has been cooperating with Printera, and very successfully if I may add! Since throughout the entire year our “house” requires many different graphic materials, billboards, brochures, catalogues and invitations, coloring books or books in general, we have found an ideal partner in Printera. In fact, optimum price and quality ratio and expeditious and cordial workers are a valid reason to extend our loyalty in the forthcoming years as well.
Igor Gržetić, project Manager, Cultural Center of the City of Krk

“Medical Journal”, the official journal of the Croatian Medical Association flew on Kratis’s wings far back in 1991 towards a common success, mutual trust and business/friendship cooperation. We have witnessed growth, business success and progress from a small printer to a large, powerful and international company Printera became. A 24-year long cooperation with extremely cordial and warm business people, who are always by our side and always there for us, resulted in success and progress of our journal. Therefore, PRINTERA thank you for being there!

Draženka Kontek, Croatian Medical Association
As your long-term partner and a person in direct business cooperation with your company, I can say that I have the utmost pleasure of working with Printera. I would certainly emphasize the human factor of your company which is absolutely brilliant. Darko Hozjak and Mirko Koren even became our friends who always so cordially try to combine all possible options to keep us satisfied. Quality of material, expedient delivery and price are also the key reasons for our continuing cooperation. I would also like to mention that physical distance is no longer an issue to us, because the delivery from Zagreb to Šibenik runs so smoothly that I always have a feeling that my Printera team is just around the corner. I wish you a lot of success and, of course, the continuance of our cooperation at the mutual satisfaction.
Maja Sulje, Marketing Manager, Solaris Beach Resort
Printera is a printer that will never let you down. Professionalism, quality and expedience of provided services are their main features. Relationship towards the client, deadlines, and unforeseen situations are extremely important to us and it is in that aspect that we can completely rely on Printera’s sales team managing our project. They are always open to suggestions and offer reasonable solutions, which is an additional value we appreciate in our partners.
Edi Ocvirk, Promotion Coordinator, Metro Cash&Carry